Xubri Educational Resources


One of my companies, StartingStrong.com, started a line of educational resources to help students finish good practice fast: Xubri. Now that the Xubri trademark has been registered, I’m going to start creating more educational resources under the Xubri name.

You might wonder why we waited for the trademark to be finalized before investing the time to create more resources. Well, I had a bad experience where I’d worked hard to build up the presence of an app in the Apple App Store. Then, someone created an app with the same name… except that they added “HD.” Seriously, they just called their app “name-of-my-app HD.” The similarly-name “HD” product seriously undermined my brand and advertising. Lesson learned!

So far, the brand includes several basic math facts apps in the Apple App Store and an audio single. However, there are several new apps being actively developed, and we’re really excited for what the future holds!







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