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  • Simple Linux (Ubuntu) Security

    I’m setting up a Bitcoin full node to perform some analyses on the full blockchain. Here are quick steps I followed to improve the security of a basic Ubuntu box for these purposes [1]. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list! Rather, this should serve as a general approach that helps you think […]

  • Mnemonic For OSI Model Layers

    There are a million acronyms out there to help students remember the layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. Why offer another? Well, this one has worked best for me. As a reminder, the OSI Model Layers are as follows: Layer 7: Application Layer 6: Presentation Layer 5: Session Layer 4: Transport Layer 3: […]

  • Finding Big M: Iteratively Estimating The Mean

    Several months ago I wanted to estimate the mean of a value for users of an online app as quickly as possible with as few samples as possible. Every data point required scraping a webpage, and this proved timely AND costly in terms of system resources. Additionally, if I triggered too much traffic with my […]

  • Monitor Network Traffic on an iOS Device Using Remote Virtual Interface

    Monitor the network traffic on your iOS device using Apple’s Remote Virtual Interface on your Mac computer.

  • Xubri Educational Resources

    One of my companies,, started a line of educational resources to help students finish good practice fast: Xubri. Now that the Xubri trademark has been registered, I’m going to start creating more educational resources under the Xubri name. You might wonder why we waited for the trademark to be finalized before investing the time […]

  • Dusted-Off Version of 1944 “Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations”

    Here’s a dusted-off version of the 1944 “Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations” produced by the W. M. Welch Scientific Company and preserved and provided by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

  • Nice job, Davin Granroth, you’re an example of financial prudence

    Just want to say that Davin Granroth has exemplified what it means to be financially wise over the past 3 years. He’s made great strides through sacrifice and restraint, whilst being generous to many.¬†Essentially, God has allowed him to go All-Chuck-Norris on some debt, and it’s been a great pleasure to watch. Now, if the […]

  • Frank talk on issues relevant to today’s developers from Dave Thomas at Splash 2011

    I love how well spoken, down-to-earth, and frank Dave Thomas is in this video at Channel 9 taken at the SPLASH 2011 Conference. No, it’s not because of his answer to the question “What’s the state of Object Oriented Programming today in your mind?”, to which he responded that: I think the state is that […]