Category: Security

  • Passpics: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Passwords

    We already use images all the time in our digital lives. Because of their inherent advantages in terms of usability and security, it makes sense to leverage them in the form of passpics for authentication.

  • XSS Prevention in Four Simple Steps

    Preventing Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks is a daunting task for developers. In short, XSS attacks are an injection attack in which data that is structurally significant in the current context changes the intended semantics and/or functionality. While there are great resources online that walk you through prevention techniques (one of the best security resources […]

  • Obscurity by Security

    What do I mean by “Obscurity by Security?” Keeping watch over the security requirements of simple applications, websites, large data stores containing sensitive information, or even the IT holdings of multi-million dollar corporations is unlike most other jobs. When a team cranks out a new iteration of the product with significant UX enhancements, noticeable performance […]