Category: Clojure

  • Great talk on software simplicity by Rich Hickey

    This video is fantastic! I literally laughed aloud several times. If you’re a developer, I encourage you to watch it. Rich Hickey takes some digs at Agile, TDD, and OOP; provides ideas on pursuing simplicity in system development; and reveals some keen insights into his language design choices: Rich always provides great talks, but […]

  • Java, I’m growing weary and leery

    Java, you’re a practical, performant option for development across the gambit of hardware solutions. You have wooed some of the most brilliant language designers, and they’ve responded to your advances with with new languages and runtimes that whisper sweet nothings into developers ears, all-the-while placating the cravings of managers for tried-and-true. But, you’ve changed, Java. […]