Author: Adam

  • Nice job, Davin Granroth, you’re an example of financial prudence

    Just want to say that Davin Granroth has exemplified what it means to be financially wise over the past 3 years. He’s made great strides through sacrifice and restraint, whilst being generous to many. Essentially, God has allowed him to go All-Chuck-Norris on some debt, and it’s been a great pleasure to watch. Now, if the […]

  • Great talk on software simplicity by Rich Hickey

    This video is fantastic! I literally laughed aloud several times. If you’re a developer, I encourage you to watch it. Rich Hickey takes some digs at Agile, TDD, and OOP; provides ideas on pursuing simplicity in system development; and reveals some keen insights into his language design choices: Rich always provides great talks, but […]

  • Frank talk on issues relevant to today’s developers from Dave Thomas at Splash 2011

    I love how well spoken, down-to-earth, and frank Dave Thomas is in this video at Channel 9 taken at the SPLASH 2011 Conference. No, it’s not because of his answer to the question “What’s the state of Object Oriented Programming today in your mind?”, to which he responded that: I think the state is that […]

  • Obscurity by Security

    What do I mean by “Obscurity by Security?” Keeping watch over the security requirements of simple applications, websites, large data stores containing sensitive information, or even the IT holdings of multi-million dollar corporations is unlike most other jobs. When a team cranks out a new iteration of the product with significant UX enhancements, noticeable performance […]