Nice job, Davin Granroth, you’re an example of financial prudence

Just want to say that Davin Granroth has exemplified what it means to be financially wise over the past 3 years. He’s made great strides through sacrifice and restraint, whilst being generous to many. Essentially, God has allowed him to go All-Chuck-Norris on some debt, and it’s been a great pleasure to watch.

Now, if the Richardsons can just learn from his example instead of just watching and enjoying his progress, we’d really be on to something 🙂

One thought on “Nice job, Davin Granroth, you’re an example of financial prudence”

  1. Aw, shucks….

    Seriously, I’m very excited to now only have student loan debt to my name, and that debt is finally about to drop to four figures. God has been unduly gracious and I am thankful.

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