Downloading a local copy of a website and generating a list of broken links are the first steps in automatically creating a content inventory.

Isolate side effects by using isolation sets, sets of potentially-pure and fall-through functions that cleanly and simply separate a program’s logic from its side effects.

Potentially pure functions are argument-based higher-order functions (i.e., functions that accept other functions as arguments) with pure function bodies (i.e., function bodies that are consistent and side-effect free), meaning their purity is dependent upon the arguments passed into the function.

Striving to write pure functions (i.e., functions that are consistent and side-effect free) improves the testability, simplicity, and clarity of code.

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I’ve completed the basic arrangement of a new song: Return To Me. The song takes the perspective of God singing to us, his children, throughout our journey with him. The song ends with us singing a chorus of “Hallelujah’s” to…

The cURL library proves a valuable resource for developers needing to make use of common URL-based protocols (e.g., HTTP, FTP, etc.) for exchanging data. PHP provides a set of curl* wrapper functions in an extension that nicely integrates cURL’s functionality….

The technology exemplified in creatures great and small is truly amazing. Lest we believe we are truly blazing trails of innovation: Gears Transmission Control Protocol Infrared Powerful Processing Power Mechanically Adaptive Armor Magnetic Sensitivity Depth Perception By Focus Hydrodynamic Analysis